We have a selection of packages to meet the needs of every customer, vehicle and budget.


A great external clean for every vehicle.

  • Snow foam pre wash
  • Wheels and arches cleaned
  • Hand wash using 2 bucket safe wash
  • Door seals cleaned
  • Vehicle dried
  • Interior vacuumed and cleaned
  • Interior plastics and trim dressed
  • All glass cleaned
  • 6 month protection added to exterior

(1.5-2hrs )

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SIGNATURE VALET (Also available as a maintenance plan)

This is our signature package if you are going onto our maintenance plan, you would need this service before we add you onto our monthly maintenance package which is at a reduced rate with a few added extras.

  • Bronze Valet +
  • Interior detailed & cleaned
  • Interior steam cleaned+Sanitised
  • Car mats cleaned
  • Full vehicle Decontamination
  • 12 month protection added to exterior of vehicle
  • Exhaust tips cleaned & polished

(3-4 hrs)

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Some luxury additions to Package 1 & 2

  • Full Valet +
  • Engine bay clean
  • Seats cleaned and all carpets/seats treated and protected
  • 1years Protection added to vehicle exterior(incl wheels coated & protected)

(4-6 hours)

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This is the big one, the full monty, the Reaper Detail! This is another level of deep cleaning with added ceramic protection.

  • *Platinum detail +
  • 1 stage enhancement (On average our paint enhancement process will remove between 60-85 percent of the surface defects.)
  • Ceramic coated

(7-8 hrs)

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Bespoke packages and extras are available for more information Please don’t hesitate to ask for specific requirements to suit your needs.

Prior to any ceramics being applied to your vehicle a full in depth paint inspection* will be carried out to ensure we can apply and advise on an alternate package if required. A deposit will be asked to confirm your booking

*(this full in depth report will be sent to you via email, also a deposit will be required) 


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